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3.04 Keyboard shortcuts

The following list of keyboard shortcuts are supported in TactileView. These shortcuts can be used to easily activate specific software functions, general operations, drawing tools and text editing functions. The list of shortcut keys for the drawing tools can be personalised to make them easier to remember (see below).

See Scroll wheel and key combinations for keyboard combinations with the scroll wheel.

TactileView shortcuts
Ctrl+B Fuse selected object with the bitmap
Ctrl+E Open current file in Explore mode: Speech and sound
Ctrl+I Play audio style
Ctrl+J Show properties of selected object
Ctrl+K Open context menu
Ctrl+L Start Menu driven design
Ctrl+R Explore colour composition
Ctrl+W Take webcam snapshot when activated

Drawing tools (default set, see below for personalisation)
T Text label
S Select area
H Detect shape
F Filters
U Retouching – adding lines
E Retouching – eraser
L Draw straight line
Q Draw Square-Rectangle
C Draw Circle-Ellipse
N Draw Triangle
P Draw Polygon
D Draw free hand line or closed shape
O Draw Dots
A Draw Table
G Draw Graph
I Import
M Mammoth braille
R Draw letters and digits
V Add voice memo

General shortcuts
Ctrl+N New document
Ctrl+O Open document
Ctrl+S Save
Ctrl+Shift+S Save as
Arrow keys Move object or anchor point by 1 pixel
Shift+Arrow keys Move object or anchor point by 10 pixels
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+P Print
Ctrl+Z Undo
Page Up Jump to previous page
Page Down Jump to next page
Esc Deactivate currently active drawing tool/deselect currently selected object
Ctrl+Tab Switch between open designs

Text editing
Home Jump to front of text line
End Jump to end of text line
Ctrl+Home Jump to start of text label
Ctrl+End Jump to end of text label
Shift+Arrow keys Select text
Shift+Left mouse click Select text between caret position and click position
Del or Backspace Delete selected text

Personalised drawing tools shortcuts

Via menu Settings > Keyboard shortcuts, the list of shortcuts that activate the drawing tools in the left vertical toolbar can be edited. The left column in the dialog contains the list of drawing tools; by clicking on the right column, you can assign a keyboard key that will act as the shortcut for the corresponding drawing tool. You can always return to the default list of shortcut keys by clicking on the ‘Reset default shortcut keys’ button.

Remember that each shortcut key can be used only once in the list, giving each drawing tool a unique key.