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2.02 Software registration with SPC via internet

Once you have downloaded and installed the TactileView software, it will operate in demonstration mode at first. To run the software in full version, a software product code (SPC) is required. This SPC is provided by your dealer or has been sent by email after you purchased a software licence in the Thinkable shop. Download TactileView

The easiest and fastest method to register the software with your SPC is registration via the internet. However, TactileView also provides a registration option that does not require an internet connection; see Software registration via distributor (no internet access).

Each SPC is valid for one computer only. If you wish to use TactileView on multiple systems, you will need to purchase additional SPCs. For registration on multiple user accounts on the same computer, see Registration for multiple user accounts on single computer.

Software Product Code (SPC)

You will need to register the software using a Software product code (SPC) in order to get access to the complete set of software features. After purchasing a TactileView software licence, you will receive an SPC, either by email from the TactileView website, in a licence document from your dealer, etc. Make sure to store this code carefully, as you might need it later on for software updates or customer support.

Registration steps

  1. Select ‘Registration via internet’ in step 1 of the Configuration wizard. Alternatively, choose ‘Computer registration’ from the Settings menu and make sure ‘Registration via internet’ is selected in the dialog that opens.
  2. Enter your SPC, choose a User/company name and click on ‘Register now’.
  3. Choose whether you wish to register the software for all users on the computer (requires administrator rights) or the current user only.
  4. Enter and confirm the required contact details for customer support and optimal use of the software. You are now ready to start using the fully registered TactileView software.