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TactileView version 2.200 now available!

We proudly announce the new release of the TactileView design and production software: version 2.200!

Thinkable logo in TactileView

Once again, the software has been extended with new and improved features and the overall efficiency has increased. A lot of improvements have been made based on feedback from you. We want to thank all of you for your contributions!

A few eye-catching (or should we say fingertip-catching?) changes in version 2.200:

In the release notes on our website, you can find the full list of exciting new features. In the following newsletters, we will highlight some of the other new additions and improvements in TactileView.

So feel free to download version 2.200 and update your registered version free of charge, or run it in demo mode before you decide to buy a software licence. You can purchase a software licence in the Thinkable webshop.

P.S. Some of the articles that are linked to above will give you a sneak preview of the new extensive online user guide that we are currently creating for TactileView.