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03. TactiPad – Placing the drawing foil

The TactiPad board has a hinge on one of the long sides to be able to open and close the frame. If you open the frame and let it lean a bit back, it stays open. In this position, you can easily place a drawing sheet on the rubber mat. The sheet is somewhat larger than the rubber mat. Make sure that the margins are roughly the same size on all sides.

Slightly close the frame, and let it rest on your hands. Smooth out the surface of the sheet by moving both hands out from the middle to the sides while pressing the sheet. Remove your hands and let the frame drop back in place. For best drawing results the sheet should be placed on the drawing surface as smooth as possible. You may have to try this a couple of times to get it right.

Placing the sheet on the drawing surface

Smooth out the foil with your hands to remove wrinkles