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1.03 Installing software

To install the software after downloading, launch the TactileView installer from the USB drive or download folder. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation. In the last dialog, choose ‘Finish’, then launch the software from the Windows Start menu.

Show installation steps

TactileView Installer step 1: Software details

Step 1: Software details. Click ‘Next’ to proceed.

TactileView Installer step 2: Installation options

Step 2: Installation options. Select the folder in which TactileView will be installed if necessary and click ‘Install’ to proceed.

TactileView installation step 3: Installation

Step 3: TactileView installation. This will be completed automatically.

TactileView installation step 4: Installation complete

Step 4: Installation has finished. Click ‘Finish’ to close the installer.


First launch

During the first launch you will be asked to select your user language. Select your language from the list, then click ‘OK’ to confirm. Please keep in mind that a number of these user languages have been automatically translated and might not be completely correct.

Show language selection

First launch: Set user language

Set user language when launching TactileView for the first time.


Parallel installations

Two TactileView versions from the software generations below and over 2.5 can be installed parallelly on one computer. This way, you can try out a brand new version in free demonstration mode before deciding to upgrade your SPC – but without having to uninstall the version you have currently been working with.