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12.01 Printing with a braille embosser

Before printing a file from TactileView, ensure that the driver for your embosser has been installed on the computer; see Properties of different braille embossers for instructions for each supported embosser model or Embosser driver installation for an overview of the tactile properties of the embossers.

To check if your embosser is ready for printing, go to the Windows Control Panel and select ‘Devices and printers’. If the embosser is installed correctly, you should see it online in the list of available printers.

Online and offline printer icons in Windows Control panel

Figure 1. Offline (left) and online printer icons in Windows Control panel.

Print setup
Once you have verified that the printer driver is installed on the computer, select ‘Print setup’ from the file menu. In the dialog that opens, select your embosser from the printer name list. Next, select the paper size you want to emboss on, and choose the print orientation. Click ‘OK’ to apply your settings to the document and close the dialog.
If you changed any of the options on the screen, this will affect how the active document will be printed. Depending on the size of your design and the selected paper size and orientation, the design may not make full use of the available space on the paper, or the design may run over onto a second page; see the manual sections Paper size vs. design size and Changing design orientation and size.

Print preview
Check how your document will print by selecting ‘Print preview’ from the File menu or the corresponding icon in the top horizontal icon bar. This will open a preview of how your document will print and represents the exact embossed and/or printed output.
You can use the buttons above the preview to examine the document as it will be printed, including the number of pages and ink version if applicable.

When you wish to get a preview of the dot placement directly in your design, active the Design mode: dot view from the second horizontal toolbar.

‘Print preview’ icon: Print preview icon
‘Print’ icon: Print icon

Print document
When your document appears in the preview the way you want it to print, select ‘Print’ from the File menu or press CTRL+P to bring up the Print dialog. This is a standard Windows print dialog, which allows you to select which pages to print and how many copies. Make the desired selections, then choose the ‘OK’ button to close the dialog and print the file.

‘Print’ icon: Print icon