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7.01 Differences between the text tools

In TactileView, there are 3 drawing tools that allow you to place tactile texts in your design, each with a distinctly different application:

1. Text labels; regular braille texts using one of the following input methods:

  • Computer keyboard input; regular text input converted to braille output
  • Braille keyboard input; direct input of braille characters using Perkins style braille keyboard
  • Math input; use an equation editor or the keyboard as input for mathematical braille notation

2. Mammoth braille; greatly enlarged braille characters
3. Draw letters and digits; large visual text characters

Once a text label is placed in the design it is preceded by a round coloured marker that signifies the input method. Computer keyboard input is signified by a green marker, braille keyboard input with orange and math input with blue-grey. By hovering over the marker with the mouse, a tooltip will show extra information about the text label. A marker with a white centre indicates the label is transparent.

‘Computer keyboard input’ icon: Icon for computer keyboard input
‘Braille keyboard input’ icon: Icon for braille keyboard input
‘Math input’ icon: Icon for math input
Printing braille text
The braille output differs slightly for each production method (swellpaper or different models of embossers). See the manual sections Printing with a braille embosser or Printing on swellpaper to find out the specific settings for your production method.