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What’s new in TactileView version 2.500

Important changes (commercial)

Thinkable has started the transition for the TactileView software from generation 2.2 to 2.5. This involves a couple of changes, apart from the enhancements of the functionality.

The version indication will change; future versions will have only numbers like
The policy for upgrading will change. Until now all newer/improved versions were available free of charge. This will no longer be the case. For current prices, please visit our webshop.

Note: Versions after 2.49T89C will not automatically upgrade to newer versions.
Upgrades will be available only for the software product codes (SPC) that have been set accordingly by Thinkable or a distributor. During registration a message will indicate if the licence is eligible for an upgrade.
Your distributor is happy to provide you with an upgrade. An upgrade is also available in our webshop.

For an overview of the improvements in the latest version 2.500 compared to the previous release of TactileView 2.200 see below.

Release notes icon Release notes

In the release notes you can find a detailed description of all the changes in the software. You can read the release notes here:

Release notes for TactileView version 2.500

Manual icon New and modified manual sections

The changes in version 2.500 are reflected in the contents of the manual sections. Below, you will find a selection of manual sections that have been added or modified.

New manual sections

Modified manual sections

Download PDF icon PDF manual download

The PDF version, containing all the sections has been updated as well. You can download the latest PDF version of the manual here.