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User manual – TactileView version 2.500 – Release coming soon!

Important: this online user manual covers the functionality of the upcoming release version 2.500 of the TactileView software. For documentation on previous releases of the software, please refer to the Previous versions section below.


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Tutorials icon Tutorials

The tutorials will show you step by step how to create outstanding tactile graphics.

Manual icon Manual

The manual sections below will explain the individual software functions in more detail.

1. Download and installation

2. Registration and configuration

3. Software basics

4. Creating a design

5. Document setup and layout tools

6. Drawing tools

7. Text tools

8. Mathematics and graphs

9. External software

10. Operating TactileView with a screen reader

11. TactiPad, ClickPad and digital pen

12. Printing designs

Release notes icon Previous versions

Below, you will find an overview of the documentation for the previous release versions of TactileView. The release notes will introduce the new software features only that were added in the subsequent release versions; the PDF manuals give instructions on using the software with the corresponding version number.

Version 2.500 Release notes PDF manual
Version 2.200 Release notes PDF manual
Version 2.100 Release notes Not available
Version 1.990 Release notes Not available
Version 1.950 Release notes Not available
Version 1.900 Release notes Not available

Do you still have any questions after reading the TactileView manual? Feel free to send us an email using our contact form.